Under Attack

In high school, I lived in southwestern Virginia. My mind first thinks of coalmines, the mountains, and the valley. There was one scenic drive that I vividly remember, driving to the top of High Knob. The drive to the top was not without an occasional switchback and, with a stick shift, you prayed that you would not have to stop on any of the inclines (my palms get a bit sweaty thinking of it now). 

At the top there was an observation tower that offered a splendid view of the city below and the vast openness of the Jefferson National Forest. It was gorgeous, in any season, and so serene. I remember a peaceful feeling up there so far away from the hustle and bustle of the town below. I enjoyed being “away” from the busyness and hurriedness and found clarity up on the mountain. I also felt closer to God up on the mountain, physically and figuratively.

I have since moved many miles from that mountain, but God has provided opportunities and places for me to experience my “mountaintop.” Recently I have been super-charged and excited about all God has been doing in my life and opportunities to serve Him. What I am getting ready to share, many of you will be able to relate (you will have written the script). I should have dug my heels in deep and held on tight for the ride back to the valley. 

In the last two weeks I know that Satan has been in full “tear down” mode. He has been creating doubt in my mind, my purpose in writing, my ideas, and being a piece of God’s ministry. He has created these thoughts of lacking within me that I am not fulfilling my roles as wife, mother, friend, and daughter. Spiritual warfare is rampant, not just in my life, but any other Christ-follower from the time Jesus walked the Earth until His second coming.

I read an article recently on this topic from the Web site Battle Focus, “As the kingdom of God advances in harmony, the devil provokes discord in order to hinder and disable the body of Christ. Satan's deceptions distract us from living by God's true Word, deflect us from walking in His revealed path, and dilute our effectiveness in His appointed work”.   

Have you ever felt under attack the closer you become in your walk with Christ and any ministries you participate in? “As I cling, may you also hold tight to Proverbs 18:10, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe”. 

When I hear the voice of doubt, I will call out in the name of the Lord, “BE GONE,” for I will call out to the voice of truth.


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